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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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shook this walnut creek neighborhood this mornings. >> like a blast and a lot of noise. i went to the window to see what it was on the street. i felt the smoke. >> we opened the door and saw this big fire around the house. my wife and i, we say "let's get out of here because it's very close." >> neighbors near geary road in bone a vista weren't taking any chances and many evacuated 7:00 this morning. what they didn't know is that a water pumping station is in their neighborhood. when demand is high like the middle of summer it pups water through the system. the part that exploded is the essentially the power grid for the pumping station. the fire department says the plant lost power over the weekend. it automatically switched over to the generator. many of the employees came to work. >> they were in the process of trying to restore power to that facility and in that operation something in the equipment failed and caused the fire to start. >> reporter: he says he cannot confirm that and says the cause
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of the fire is still mysterious and under investigation. we saw a sign touting an electrical improvement project but a spokesman didn't foe what was related to the fire either. >> we're going to do a thorough investigation. that's why i don't want to speculate. the safety is important, it's for the the neighborhood and also important to us and our employs. >> reporter: it looked frightening and smelled nasty but they said it only involved the electronic switch gear so there were no hazardous materials like oil or pcb's. but like you might expect neighbors had different reactions. >> these houses are too close to that? it was just a plume. it will be okay. >> reporter: they say it will not have an impact on water delivery. it's because this station isn't used very often, ever since the drought started demand has gone down, they haven't had to turn it down in more than a year. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo. another fire in the castro
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district. at this time arson fears may have actually saved lives. >> the flames were shooting so high it caught the home next to ours. >> six people including a pregnant woman escaped this fire, thanks to undercover cops who woke them up. they were patrolling the region because of four suspicious fires a few miles away. they say it was not arson, it was spontaneous combustion, ignited by rags used to varnish a new fence near those homes. the executive whose facebook page mobilized pro activities in egypt. why security forces blind folded but did not torture him during his 10 days in custody. he led young opposition forces in cairo using social network sites to rally the ref solution. in arabic he says he is not a hero. the real heroes he said are the ones who died fighting. eeted that he's back on the
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streets protesting. in ement, mountain view- ba he says after his release he tweeted he is back on the streets protesting. and in a statement, mountainview-based google said it was a huge relief when it found of his release. president hosni mubarak met with his calorie and they said they are boosting salaries and pensions by 15% to calm the revolt. many things are returning to normal. stores and banks are open and state tv is now reporting on the protest. there was no mention of them last week. today the fight over first amendment rights and t-shirts began in a south bay courtroom. high school students in more fan hill hit the streets last may after some of their classmates wore american flag t- shirts to school on cinco de mayo. the students who wore those shirts were told to turn them
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inside out or they should go home. now they are suing the school district over the right to free speech. why the school says the case should just be dropped. len ramirez? >> reporter: i talked to several students this afternoon who said everyone is getting along pretty well here at live oak high school. those incidents happened last may, it's not really top of mind for anyone any more. but as you mentiond it is now moving forward in terms of the federal court case and that first hearing on the case was held this morning in san jose. while the american flag flew in front of live oak high school and as students went about their school day attorneys were in federal court battling over incidents on last may 5th, sink oh de mayo. >> what we want to see is a change in policy and attitude. >> los angeles attorney represents the parents of the two boys who were ordered to remove american flag clothing on the mexican-american holiday by their principal on the
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grounds it could provoke a fight. they sued for rights to free expression. >> what the point of this case is is is to make sure that that policy is not used to violate the first amendment rights of students, students rights of first amendment/free speech are not shed at the school house gates. >> reporter: a spokesman who turned around when they saw our camera would not comment but argued to the court the case should be dropped since the principal who made the boys change their clothing has now retired and the district now has a more well-defined policy when it comes to wearing patriotic clothing. the parents attorney says that isn't good enough. >> that policy hasn't changed and the person who moved on doesn't moot the issues in this case. >> reporter: the issues highlighted racial differences in the school and brought national media attention to morgan hill. >> this is america, and they should be able to wear an
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american flag any time they want. and they -- somebody else could say -- can wear a mexican flag if they want. >> reporter: questions over the need for a federal case remained. the local paper editorialised for dropping it. the people woe spoke to feels the community needs to have answer. >> i think it probably should be decided by a judge. i'm sure it's something that's going to come up every cinco de mayo. it will probably come back again like any issue does. >> reporter: the plaintiffs in this case are trying to get a change in policy, a more explicit wording in the policy, to protect free speech. they also want the existing policy at the time to be declared unconstitutional. they are also seeking nominal damages in the form of $1, symbolic damages there, as well as attorney fees, now the judge of this case, judge james wear, did not make a ruling today. he took it under submission and will be issuing his ruling
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whether the case should move forward at a later dead. dealt. len ramirez, channel 8. a runner collapses, why it took paramedics so long to arrive. they are often the main activities at birthday parties. why won one bay area city wants to pull the plug on those bounce houses. the diet that's taking tips to the stone age. how the caveman approach is helping people lose weight. yet another record. a breaking day here in the bay area, tops off at 77 degrees. now the rain and when you should expect it. pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. rest easy and sleep good. hurry in and start sleeping better tonight. the company that organized yesterday's half marathon in san francisco says there was no delay getting help for a collapsed runner who eventually died. 36-year-old peter haas fell to the ground near the finish line. witnesses said paramedics didn't arrive for 20 minutes, dispatchers say they were given three different addresses. some of the runners started performing cpr. they said race technicians arrived within 5 minutes, the medical exam examiner has not determined the exact cause of death. forget the clown, the magician, most kids want a
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bounce house at their birthday parties. now one bay area city is considering banning them from local parks think way. mike sugerman jumps into the controversy being debated in walnut creek. >> reporter: i'm swinging here at heather farms park here in walnut park. why am i swinging? i can. i would be bouncing but after tonight, i may not be able to do that. like any 2-year-old, luke reed likes to bounce. but this might soon be the only way he can do it. in a walnut creek public park. bouncy houses could be bounced out. >> our staff that handles all the facility rentals and the permitting of the parks has been cut by 50%. >> reporter: so barry gordon in charge of the city parks division is recommending the city quit okaying bounce
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houses. >> once the inflatable was taken down spikes would be left behind where the kids would go to the bouncy house, the turf would be introducen down because a lot of people were going back and forth. >> those little generator, you know, those little honda generator, noisy, trying to have a picnic or, you know, a nice quiet day in the park with your family, that disrupts it. >> reporter: bouncy houses like these were used in the four parks allowed to have them an average of once every two weeks legally and an unknown number of guerilla bouncy houses were setup illegally. not that you can't have fun in a walnut creek park. you can dance with or without a video game truck that might be parked in the area. >> to go go. >> you can still have a spirited game of booger tag, causing green bags to come undertake of a the nose of one another if a been bag seems to be. >> you could roll in a big
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ball. >> we're very family-friendly and we have significantly, a great number of arts and recreation programs for families and kids of all ages, and we continue to offer those. >> if you would like to have a party for your child there are indoors places you can have bouncy houses where the kids run around and play. >> they need to get over it really. people use this park, they pay taxes for the park, let them use it. >> terry norman was using the park to let his parrot teaky get a little fresh air. >> you think that's funny teaky. >> reporter: in the park? okay. bouncy houses, maybe not. there will be a vote tonight for the -- with the arts and recreation community services commission out of the city of walnut creek and this wouldn't be the first city, i think it's, well, pleasanton and hayward both banned them in parks. allen, i got to go, i got to bounce. you know, i can seem like i am
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really impressed, you do get into your job. >> you just don't forget how to swing. i don't know when the last time i swung was, but i'm swiping,ing huh. >> nobody is pushing you, you're a big boy know. you can take off. mike sugerman, thanks very much. >> all right. lose weight without sweating it out at the gym. the diet lessons we can learn from ancient humans. hundreds of super bowl fans booted out of their seats, the problem the nfl knew about, but didn't take care of before the big game [ singing ] >> and what christina aguilera is saying about messing up the star-spangled banner. ,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by honda. shop for current offers in your area. >> they showed up to the super bowl their tickets in hand but 400 fans were told "sorry, but no place for you to sit." installation problems with temporary seating forced them to try to find replacement
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spots for more than 1200 fans, they came up about 400 seats short. the nfl apologized for the debacle, promised the turned- away fans to next year's super bowl. they also got refunded triple the face value of the tickets they had bought. still they were disappointed. if you were among the record 111 million who watched the game on tv you may have noticed this fumble. [ the perilouse night ♪ what so proudly we watched ♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming" symptoms christina aguilera flubbed the national anthem. she replaced it with an earlier line. she has since apologized. she said she got lost in the moment and she released this statement. "i can only hope that everyone can feel my love for this country and that the true
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spirit of its anthem still came true." the game went on. feeling a little blue after pigging out on the chips and fast food after yesterday's game? blame the food, not the game. a spanish study that followed 12,000 people said those who ate the most trans fats at then depending were more likely to become depressed at the end. it could cause interference with nurl transmitters important to regulate moods. doctors and dieters are reaching back to the stone age for a diet that is proven to reduce heart disease as well as your weight. dr. kim mulvihill joining us with something that might do the trick. >> i've got to tell you this is so impressive. ucsf researchers tested a diet that within two weeks showed amazing results, all you need to do is go primal.
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doctory governor meet row ovechkin may look like a top chef, but he eats like a caveman. >> i feel great. i'm gonna add a little bit more. >> reporter: the u csf neuro scientist eats only what prehistoric man eight a half a million years ago. >> you can eat anything that would be able to be eaten without being processed. >> reporter: that means no grains, no bread, no dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, some nuts and oil, and lots of fish, poultry and lean meat. >> and i love bisons. >> reporter: so what kicked him back to the culinary stone age. >> 10 years of cholesterol tracking and then over years slowly creeps up. >> reporter: he noticed his cholesterol was creeping up. he tried exercise and nothing really went. he then went paleo and in two shores weeks by changing his diet his cholesterol plummeted.
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in two months it was normal. >> i was stunned. >> it really works. >> reporter: she tested the paleo diet on out of shape volunteers. the group eight lots of food without losing any weight or exercising. >> everybody's blood pressure went down in have. in two weeks everybody's cholesterol and triglyceride levels got better and the average count on this was 30 points, which is amazing. >> reporter: how do pail paleo foods do it? they keep your body's chemistry in better balance. as for igor, each night he cooks two meals, one for himself and one for his wife and son. maybe he is not a caveman after all. now on the ucsf study they were not allowed to lose any weight and they did not do a bit of exercise. the benefits of going paleo would likely be even greater if weight loss and exercise were added to the mix. i'm dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5
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health watch. hard not to get outside and do something worthwhile today roberta. >> absolutely. it was yet another day with record high temps here in the bay area with santa rosa topping off at 76 degrees shattering the old record of 74. our cbs5 weather camera, look out toward the bay area waters, they advertised 60, instead of 66 degrees, across the bay in an easterly direction is oakland at 73 degrees. currently numbers stacking up like this. anywhere from cupertino to the south, 67, plus they have fallen to 60 trees after just 60 minutes ago being 11 degrees warmer, it's still in the mid- 70s to the north and brentwood city at 67 degrees, the difference happens to be the wind, where the wind is now kicking in the temperature is coming down. breezy conditions inland, across the eye the bay and around the state today as this northerly wind continues during the evening hours, 20 miles per hour. meanwhile tonight overnight with the wind temperatures 28
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degrees in santa rosa, upper 30, spy valley. mid-40s the into the south. union city, redwood city also in the 40s, we have now an area of low pressure to the north of us so this is butting up against the ridge of high pressure and causing a pressure gradeient, therefore that breeze in the evening hours as well as tomorrow. but we're seeing more of a northerly breeze. that's going to bring our temperatures down so we'll be cooler for our tuesday, anywhere by 6 to 11 degrees. it was 73 today in the tri- valley. we'll not be seeing temperatures in to the 70s again until by the end of the workweek. now, meanwhile, with some of the pollen blowing around, you don't see the oak trees, but the juneer per and ash are on the high side. speaking of high temperatures, san francisco seasonal, seasonal day around napa, 64 fremont with winds out of the northwest at 20.
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looks like we'll cool down a pit and warm back up again. we had a chance of rain returning to the bay area on saturday through the weekend. there's your sunset. thanks for them and keep them coming to mypix at cbs5. just because it looks good doesn't mean it is. how your new car could have been previously damaged without you ever knowing bit. knowing about it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's why it s important to check out a car's history. on well buying a used car could mean buying somebody else's problems.
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that's why it's important to check out the car's history. on the consumer watch julie watts reports why a car with a good report card could still have a hidden history. >> when i saw the car everything looked fine. >> reporter: but angeline been oh learned the hard way a clean carfax doesn't mean your car is accident free. in fact her certified used car had a clean dmv report and passed the dealers 160-point inspection. but when she took it into a third party mechanic after she bought it. >> they told me that this was replaced right here, and also this was replaced, because it doesn't have the sticker. >> reporter: in all, four major parts had been replaced. evidence of a major front-end collision. yet we found no accidents on the carfax or its competitor ought oh checks report. and rose marie mahan with consumers for automobile reliability and safety is not surprised. >> very often cars that have been damaged don't show up in carfax or auto check.
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>> she says that's partially due 0 the way they gather information from various sources like police reports and state data bases. >> it's not required that the state give them the data in a really timely way. >> reporter: so carfax may not know your car was in an accident until after you purchase it, something we found many complaints about online. in a statement to consumer watch carfax says they use more than 34,000 sources to report vehicle history information but they still recommend you have the car inspected by an independent mechanic or body shop prior to purchase. thanks to federal law they will let you know if your car is a lemon or salvage or has been in a flood. but there's nothing they can do if the previous owner or the insurance company doesn't report the accident. and that's likely what happened in angeline's case. it's still not clear how the dealer's 160-point inspection missed all the missed parts but shea hand says that's all the more reson to get an
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independent inspection. >> save your money, don't buy a certified car. they have a conflict of interest. get your own trusted independent technician and it will be the best $100 you've spent in the entire transaction. >> reporter: angeline's dealer did agree to give her a brand new used car but keep in mind they are only required to report cars that have been totaled. head to cbs news and consumer. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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it's the kind of retirement package any of us would love to i'm dana king, here is something we're working on for the 6:00 news. it's the kind of retirement package any of us would love to have. how much monies we have paid out to the outgoing brass at the san francisco police department. all that and more at 6:00 allen. >> all right dana. thanks for watching us at 5:00. next on "the cbs evening news" katie couric, a 13-year-old boy fighting bullies and a lesson we can all learn from something. >> looking forward to that. >> news and weather always.


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